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May 12, 2023

Finding Comfort in Faith: A Guide to Christian Funeral services in Singapore

It is the most challenging experience when you lose a loved one. It can be an overwhelming and emotional time, and making funeral arrangements can seem daunting. For the one who keeps Christian beliefs, a planned funeral can be an opportunity to celebrate the life of their loved one while also finding comfort in their faith. In this guide, we will explore Christian funeral service in Singapore, including their significance, the planning process, and how they can bring comfort during difficult times.

Christian Funeral service: beliefs about death

The Christian believes that the faith of a person revolves around heaven, hell, and purgatory, a place where souls undergo purification before entering heaven. Where a person’s soul will end up is determined by how they act during their life; the virtuous will go to heaven and be in the presence of the Lord, while the sinners will go to hell. For those who have committed forgivable sins in their lifetime, Christians believe they must serve time in purgatory before they can move on to heaven.

Importance of honouring the deceased:

When a loved one passes away, friends and family honour their passing for some time. It doesn’t matter how you choose to honour them either. A funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life brings loved ones to come together to share their memories of the deceased and celebrate a life well lived. At our funeral home, we believe that everyone should do something to honour a loved one’s passing. The service can be customized based on your choice either to keep a personalized or traditional one.

Reasons to plan Christian Funeral Service

Honouring a loved one’s passing with a funeral service is about so much more than simply a tradition in our culture. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why everyone should plan a Christian Funeral Service

  1.  Helps to find peace and closure.

Upon learning that a loved one has passed, it’s natural for people to experience a whirlwind of emotions. Everyone reacts differently, especially if the death was unexpected. Some people will even not accept the facts and not believe that something like this could happen. By attending a funeral service, you can find peace and closure. when we are going to a funeral service that allows us to accept what has happened and find the closure we need. As you confirmed the death of a loved one, it is believed that one develops a spiritual connection with them instead of a physical one.

  1.  Allows you to say goodbye. 

No matter the type of service you choose to plan, it allows you to say goodbye. As you transition into a new life without your loved one, the funeral service is the first step along that journey. To mourn a loss and move forward are important steps in the healing process. Studies have shown that the ritual process that takes place with a funeral or memorial service plays a key role in healing. In practicing these rituals, we can share stories and create special memories of the deceased that we will carry with us forever.

      3. Brings friends and family together. 

As sad as it seems, a Christian funeral service presents the opportunity to bring loved ones together and reconnect. In today’s busy world, many families are spread out; living in different cities, states, and sometimes countries. A loved one’s funeral service is a time to reconnect with loved ones and celebrate a life well lived. Grieving with loved ones offers the comfort and support one needs during this difficult time


Overview of the Christian funeral service proceedings: 

Christian Funeral Services take place in a church. While the exact order and features of the service vary depending on denomination, a Christian service generally includes the following elements:


The body of the person who has passed away is present at the ceremony, in a casket. If the person has been cremated, then the urn is present instead. The casket or urn is either carried into the church at the start of the ceremony or placed at the altar before the ceremony begins. 

Opening statement:

The pastor delivers an opening statement welcoming attendees, offers words of support for the family, and leads an initial prayer to start the ceremony.

Prayers, sermons, and hymns:

Throughout the ceremony, a range of prayers, hymns, and sermons are led by the pastor. The congregation is often encouraged to sing along with the hymns.

Readings and speeches:

Friends and family may share readings and speeches during the ceremony. For example, they might read a eulogy or say a few words about the person who has passed away. In some cases, for example, at a traditional Catholic funeral, only the priest delivers the sermons and readings.

Closing words:

To end the ceremony, the pastor shares a benediction, offering some words of comfort for the bereaved or a reminder about the importance of living a good Christian life and serving God.

Burial or cremation:

On the same day, after the funeral service, many people visit a burial or cremation ceremony at the mentioned location. At the burial or cremation site, the pastor delivers a few words while individuals gather to witness the casket being lowered into the ground or sent for cremation.

Christian Funeral service with Singapore funeral committee

Christian funeral services offer a unique blend of reverence, comfort, and support that can help families through the grieving process. Our Funeral Director will look into all the Christian funerals proceedings on behalf. They guide you on every single steps throughout the process. Singapore funeral committee committed offering professional Christian funeral service in Singapore according to your needs.