Cremation funeral services in Singapore involve a personalized ceremony to honor the deceased, followed by the cremation process. This typically includes preparations, a formal ceremony, and a respectful handling of the ashes afterwards. The specific details can vary based on cultural, religious, and personal preferences.

A sea burial in Singapore is an unconventional funeral practice where the deceased's remains are placed in the ocean. This is chosen for its symbolic connection to nature and the sea. The process involves careful preparation and transportation of the body to a designated location at sea, where the remains are respectfully released into the water. This option is often selected for its environmental considerations and personal significance to the deceased or their family. Specific procedures may vary, and families can consult with specialized funeral service providers for guidance.

Yes, we offer Christian funeral packages that span from 3 to 5 days. These comprehensive packages include essential services and items such as a casket, transportation, embalming, floral arrangements, and more. They are tailored for a 3 to 5-day funeral service. Additionally, we offer extra amenities like a mobile toilet and chiller for an additional fee. Our package also extends support for tasks such as photography, videography, and creating a video montage to honor the departed.

We offer comprehensive Repatriation Funeral Services in Singapore, facilitating the transportation of the deceased from one country to another. This includes handling all necessary documentation and attestations, overseeing embalming and transportation, arranging air cargo, and providing clearances at the destination. We keep clients well-informed with daily updates and offer a dedicated hotline for urgent inquiries. All documentation is securely stored for future reference.

We provide Roman Catholic funeral services in Singapore, offering a comprehensive 3 - 5-day package. This inclusive package covers services such as casket, transportation, embalming, and floral arrangements. Optional extras like mobile toilets and chillers are available for an additional fee. We also offer support for tasks like photography and videography, and provide drinks on a consignment basis. Our service extends to various aspects of funeral arrangements.

We offer 2 Buddhist funeral service packages in Singapore: a 3-Day option starting at $5500 and a 5-Day option starting at $6500. These services accommodate varying customs within Buddhism. The belief in reincarnation is a shared principle, guiding the foundation of most Buddhist funerals. Both packages aim to provide a dignified ceremony, allowing families to mourn without added stress. For further information or consultation, individuals can call or WhatsApp the 24-hour helpline at 98448444.

The Singapore Funeral Committee provides SG funeral services with a focus on compassionate care for families experiencing loss. Their knowledgeable team is adept in the customs of various faiths and cultures, ensuring personalized arrangements. Offering 24/7 support, they guide families through both practical and emotional aspects of the bereavement process. The committee places strong emphasis on respecting religious and cultural traditions, delivering comprehensive assistance from planning to ceremony officiation.

You can apply for a permit to cremate a body through the NEA portal [here]

To apply for a Permit to Cremate in Singapore, choose between a Government or private crematorium. The application takes about 10 minutes and requires details about the deceased and Next-of-Kin. Supporting documents may be needed, especially for foreigners. Written confirmation of death, like a digital death certificate, is essential. Only one correct application should be submitted, as amendments require resubmission. Seek assistance at Mandai Crematorium if approval isn't received within 1 hour.

Submit the permit application before cremation, whether at Mandai Crematorium or private crematoria. Choa Chu Kang Crematorium only handles unclaimed deceased from hospitals.

No service fee is required for this application.

You can access the cremation schedule through the NEA portal [here]

You can apply for a permit to bury a body through the NEA portal [here]

To obtain a permit for burying a body in Singapore, you must first complete an application form, which takes about 10 minutes. Required information includes details about the deceased and the Next-of-Kin. Supporting documents may be needed, such as identification for the requester and the digital death certificate of the deceased.

Written confirmation of death is essential for the application, and it can be made by immediate family, nearest relative, or an authorized person. Only one correct application should be submitted; any amendments will require resubmission. If approval is not received within 1 hour, assistance can be sought at the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Office.

From 29 May 2022, you do not need to register a death in person. Once a doctor certifies a death online, it will be automatically registered. You can retrieve the digital certificate from []

You can apply for a niche for cremated remains through the NEA portal [here]
This form seeks permission to add cremated remains to a government niche or grave at Choa Chu Kang cemetery.

Approval from the original applicant (OA) is necessary, or authorization if you're not the OA. Required documents include the deceased's death certificate, a valid cremation permit, and an OA authorization letter if applicable.

Surrendering a niche from a government columbarium is mandatory before adding it to another government columbarium. The logged-in session expires after 30 minutes of inactivity. No service fee is needed for this application.

You can apply for inland ash scattering through the NEA portal [here]

This form is for requesting the Inland Ash Scattering service. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. Required documents vary depending on the situation.

Only Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents and foreigners with immediate next-of-kin who are Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents are eligible. No advance booking is allowed, and pulverization of remains is mandatory.

Payment must be made within 30 minutes of selecting the session, or the application will need to be resubmitted. The service fee is $320.