Trusted Funeral Services in Singapore

The Singapore Funeral Committee provides 24/7 funeral services by experienced professionals, providing repatriation services and post funeral services.

We offer comprehensive funeral services in Singapore. From direct and home funeral services to free thinker, Christian, Catholic, Soka, and Buddhist funerals, we cater to diverse needs. Our expertise extends to repatriation services and post-funeral care, ensuring respectful arrangements for your loved ones. Contact us today for professional assistance during this challenging time.

Direct Funeral Services:

We provide direct funeral services, meaning that you don’t need to go anywhere else to arrange a funeral. We can arrange everything for you including, memorials, transportation of the deceased and mortuary services.

Home Funeral Services:

We can also provide home funeral services, so you can hold the funeral in the comfort of your own home. We provide all the necessary supplies, equipment and personnel to ensure that the funeral is respectful and dignified.

Free Thinker Funeral Services:

We provide funeral services for those of all faiths and beliefs, which includes non-religious ‘free thinker’ funerals. We can provide customised ceremonies based on the wishes of the deceased and their family and we respect their privacy throughout the process.

Christian, Catholic, Soka and Buddhist Funeral Services:

We can provide specialised funeral services for those who practise the Christian, Catholic, Soka and Buddhist faith. We have experienced professional staff and facilities to cater to the specific needs of each of these faiths.

Repatriation Services:

We provide repatriation services, so you can take your loved ones home with you. We can help to arrange transport of the deceased to and from any country in the world.

Post Funeral Services:

We can also provide post-funeral services such as embalming and cremation. We have all the necessary facilities to ensure that your loved one is taken care of in a respectful and dignified manner.

the Singapore Funeral Committee is dedicated to providing a wide range of funeral services to meet the diverse needs of families in Singapore. With our direct and home funeral options, we ensure convenience and comfort during this difficult time. We respect all faiths and beliefs, offering personalized ceremonies and privacy. Whether you require Christian, Catholic, Soka, Buddhist services, or repatriation assistance, we are here to support you. Trust us for post-funeral services to ensure dignified care. Contact us now for compassionate and professional funeral arrangements.