Singapore Funeral Committee

Nov 24, 2023

Brief overview of the significance of funeral services in the Roman Catholic tradition

The main event of a Christian funeral service is the Funeral Mass. Friends and family come together to confirm that life goes on. It serves as a reminder that we are united with Christ in his life, death, and resurrection as well as a tribute to his sacrifice.

The purpose of the service is to help the grieving while also honouring the life of the departed and giving their soul to God. The funeral rite demonstrates that every person is unique to God and permits the departed to be handled with respect.

The importance of honouring and remembering the deceased:

Roman Catholic tradition

The Church requires that we honour and handle the bodies of the deceased with decency because we believe in the resurrection of the body. A symbol of promise and hope in the resurrection is their tombs. The best prayer we can offer for the faithful who have passed away is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Even though losing a loved one is painful, we may celebrate a life well lived and tell the deceased’s story by honouring and paying our respects. You can ensure that your loved one’s memory will endure forever with everyone there by sharing your best recollections of them. The bereavement of a loved one can cause excruciating pain. The funeral, memorial, or celebration of life service gives us.

Contacting the parish priest or church & setting a date and time for the funeral Mass

Funeral plans under these conditions might be difficult to coordinate in many aspects because funerals are often a time of sadness for families. Roman Catholic Funeral Services is creating general guidelines that will benefit families to simplify the process for their loved ones who have passed away.

  • Generally speaking, the funeral is scheduled in the deceased’s parish.
  • The parish that the deceased person typically attended for Masses and liturgical celebrations is the parish that will be remembered.
  • Please check the availability of a priest at the concerned parish before scheduling a funeral and cremation time or day.
  • If the parish that was called wasn’t the one where the deceased was buried, it would be the duty of the secretary to forward the information to the relevant parish and inform the families concerned.
  • The parish secretary will help the family find a parish priest or another priest to perform the funeral ceremonies.
  • The parish that will be hosting the funeral will subsequently be contacted for any other arrangements about the funeral day and ceremonies.
  • The territorial parish will arrange the funeral in the event of a disagreement.
  • The parish should make arrangements for a different location if the parish venue is not available.
  • In rare circumstances, the wake’s location may also serve as the site of the funeral Mass.

The role of funeral directors in Catholic funerals

A funeral director is a qualified someone who organises and plans a respectful funeral. In Singapore, funeral directors are exempt from licencing and regulation requirements by the National Environment Agency (NEA), in contrast to funeral parlours.

They are qualified to offer a variety of funeral package services, such as assisting families in selecting between burial and cremation, liaising with cemeteries or crematoria, and making arrangements for the deceased’s preparation and transportation. Funeral directors also offer families the highest level of understanding, assistance, and direction while they make decisions regarding the funeral and other arrangements.

Selecting a reputable funeral director in Singapore

Should you require a funeral director, it’s critical to select a respectable and knowledgeable funeral industry expert. You can look up funeral directors in your area online or ask friends or family for referrals. It’s a good idea to visit with a few possible funeral directors once you’ve narrowed down your list to go over your wants and preferences.

Be ready to provide details on the dead, such as their name, age, and cause of passing away. Any pertinent documentation, such as a will or pre-planning funeral documents, should also be brought.

Seek out a specialist: funeral directors from a funeral home with many funeral planning experiences. Be sure the funeral director you select has a solid reputation.

Reflecting on the importance of Roman Catholic funeral Services

The purpose of the service is to help the grieving while also honouring the life of the departed and giving their soul to God. The funeral rite demonstrates that every person is unique to God and permits the departed to be handled with respect.