Freethinker Package: 5 Days

Nor do they believe in an afterlife. Also known as humanist (non-religious) funerals, there are no prayers, chanting or religious rites performed, given the fact that religion had no meaning to the deceased or when most of the deceased’s family and friends are not religious themselves. The purpose of a free thinker funeral is to commemorate the life of the deceased, as well as to reflect upon their contributions to the world and how they are being remembered by their loved ones It is more common these days to have non-religious funeral services or less religious funeral services as some may no longer want to follow traditional funeral rituals. At the end of it, each funeral service may differ even though they may share the same faith or belief – so it is always best to engage in a professional funeral service provider for best advice and stress-free funeral planning. Engaging a professional funeral service provider for Free thinker funeral services will give family members peace of mind knowing that the last journey of the deceased is prepared well.

The Freethinker package offers a comprehensive range of services for a meaningful and personalized funeral experience:
  • Half Glass Polished Wood Casket (Brown or White)
  • Manpower & Transportation
  • Glass Hearse on Funeral Day
  • Embalming & Makeup
  • Photo Enlargement with Photo Frame & Passport Sized Photos
  • Floral Frame
  • Fresh Table Flower
  • Freethinker Setup
  • Booking of Cremation Slot
  • Mandai Cremation Fees
  • 45-Seater Bus
  • Ash Collection Service
  • Tentage Setup at HDB Void Deck / Pavilion
  • Tables & Chairs Rental
  • General Lighting & Fans
  • Funeral Director Attendance & Consultation
  • Casket bearers on Funeral Day
  • Condolence Book
  • Safe Box
Please note that Mobile Toilet and Chiller are not included and can be provided at an additional cost. Drinks are available on a consignment basis, allowing you to pay only for what you consume. Additionally, we offer additional services such as professional photography, videography, and TV video montage creation to capture and preserve the memories of the ceremony. Contact us to learn more about how our Freethinker package can meet your specific needs during this difficult time.

What is a Free Thinker Funeral?

A Free Thinker funeral is a service that celebrates the life of an individual who valued independent thought, creativity, and a non-conventional approach to life. It's designed to reflect the unique personality and beliefs of the departed. Here are some characteristics of a Free Thinker funeral:
  1. Personalization: The ceremony is highly personalized to reflect the individual's values, beliefs, and interests. It may include elements that were important to them, such as music, readings, or symbols.
  2. Non-religious or Eclectic Spirituality: Free Thinker funerals often do not adhere to traditional religious rituals. Instead, they may incorporate elements from various spiritual or philosophical traditions, or they may be entirely secular.
  3. Creative Expression: The service may include artistic and creative elements, such as music, poetry, art displays, or performances that resonate with the individual's unique perspective on life.
  4. Focus on Ideas and Philosophy: It may highlight the person's intellectual pursuits, philosophical outlook, and contributions to free thought and critical thinking.
  5. Open Dialogue and Reflection: Free Thinker funerals often encourage open discussion and reflection about the individual's life and the impact they had on those around them.
  6. Emphasis on Legacy: Celebrating the person's legacy and the lasting influence they had on their community or society at large.
  7. Inclusivity: Free Thinker funerals are often inclusive and respectful of diverse perspectives, welcoming attendees regardless of their religious or philosophical beliefs.
  8. Non-traditional Venues: The funeral may take place in a non-religious setting, such as a community center, art gallery, or a location that held significance to the individual.
  9. Green or Environmentally Conscious Options: There may be a focus on eco-friendly practices, such as natural burials or other environmentally sustainable choices.
Remember, the specifics of a Free Thinker funeral can vary widely based on the individual's preferences and the wishes of their loved ones. It's a highly customizable and individualized experience that seeks to honor the person's unique outlook on life.


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